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Become a Xero BAS & GST expert today! Take control with the best Xero Business Activity Statements course anywhere online. In six hours, our highly-rated course will help you to become an expert at setting up and lodging BAS and IAS returns through Xero.

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About This Course

Are you confused about BAS and GST? You didn’t start a business to stress about doing Business Activity Statements. And despite asking Google your many GST and BAS questions, you are more confused and frustrated than ever.

What you need is the right course to take the stress out of doing your Xero Activity Statements.

Imagine learning in less than a day everything you need to know about preparing and lodging Activity Statements in Xero.

Well, that’s exactly what this course will do for you.

Over more than six hours, you will learn a huge range of topics including GST tax rates, lodging your Activity Statements directly from Xero, how to avoid the most common BAS errors and much more.

Learning Outcomes

  • Setting Up Your BAS: learn how to correctly set up the Simpler or Full BAS, IAS returns, tax rates, general ledger codes, payroll pay items and manual journals in Xero for your business.
  • How Activity Statements Work in Xero: find out how Xero fills in GST and PAYGW tax labels for you when you create bills, invoices, cash transactions or run your payroll.
  • Lodging Your BAS via Xero: learn how to save time by lodging your Activity Statements directly from Xero. We also teach you how to lodge manually through the ATO Business Portal.
  • Avoiding Common BAS Errors: sleep easy knowing how to avoid the most common BAS errors including getting GST wrong and mapping the wrong pay items to the withholding tax labels.
  • Imports and Exports: we cover the basics of how to get GST right on your Activity Statements for export sales and imports of both capital and non-capital items.
  • GST Tax Rates: clear up any confusion you have over the many GST tax rates in Xero including BAS Excluded, Input Taxed and GST Free.
  • Payroll Pay Items: find out which pay items you need to map to Xero’s W1 and W2 Activity Statement labels, and learn which pay items to exclude.
  • Managing Your Balance Sheet: find out how to post manual journals to ensure your balance sheet accounts are in line with your ATO tax debt.

By the end of this course, you will know how to set up, prepare, check and lodge Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements in Xero.

What You Get
6.5 hours of videos
53 lessons
Instant access
Lifetime subscription
Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
    • Downloads
  • Initial Information
    • What Are Activity Statements
    • Rules and Obligations
  • Setting Up
    • Setting Up Xero
    • Xero Settings
  • Simpler BAS
    • How Activity Statements Populate
    • Starting The Simpler BAS
    • Completing the Simpler BAS
    • Checking the Simpler BAS
    • Lodging the Simpler BAS
    • Simpler BAS Return Journal
    • Paying for the Simpler BAS
    • GST Reconciliation Report – Lesson 1
  • IAS
    • Starting the IAS
    • Completing the IAS
    • Checking the IAS
    • Lodging the IAS
    • IAS Return Journal
    • Paying for the IAS
  • Lodgement Schedule Review
    • Lodgement Schedule Review
  • Full BAS
    • Full BAS vs Simpler BAS
    • Advanced Tax Rates
    • Export Sales
    • Input Taxed Sales
    • Capital Purchases
    • Input Taxed Purchases
    • Full BAS Summary
  • Assigning GST Tax Rates
    • Tax Rate Confusion
    • Basic vs Advanced Tax Rates
    • 0% GST Tax Rates
    • Tax Rate Selection Process
  • Mapping Withholding Tax Pay Items
    • Mapping W1 and W2
    • Items to Include and Exclude
    • Allowances
    • Deductions
  • GST on Imports
    • GST on Imports
  • GST Corrections
    • GST Corrections
  • Other Taxes and Labels
    • Introduction and BAS Set Up
    • No ABN Withholding Tax
    • Other Amounts Withheld
    • PAYG Income Tax Instalments
    • Fringe Benefits Tax Instalments
    • Wine Equalisation Tax
    • Luxury Car Tax
    • Fuel Tax Credits
    • Complete BAS Journal
    • GST Reconciliation Report – Lesson 2
  • Action Plan
    • Action Plan
  • Tips to Avoid Common BAS Errors
    • Introduction
    • Salary Sacrifice Super and W1
    • Stamp Duty
    • Gift Cards

Mark Cunningham Mark Cunningham

I have been a company accountant for more than 20 years. I am now dedicated to empowering small business owners through my highly-rated and popular courses on Xero, bookkeeping and accounting.

Student Reviews

“I am finding this course very easy to understand and follow. Much easier than learning on my own.”



“Thank you for this course! I learned so much about BAS and GST that I never thought I would understand.“



“Glad to have taken this course along with your other courses. I feel like I know a lot more about Xero now.”



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