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About This Course

In this free mini-course, you will learn how to get started quickly with your bank accounts in the Australian version of Xero.

In this 30 minute free course, we will use the demo company to run through the first steps you need to take to set up your finance products in Xero.

First, we’ll take a quick tour of the bank accounts screens and get familiar with the Manage Bank Account button.

Then, we’ll set up a bank account and a PayPal account, ready to receive your bank transactions.

After that, you will learn how to manually import bank statements.

Finally, we’ll take a look at one of Xero best features – automatic bank feeds. This is a huge time-saver and will make reconciling your bank accounts much quicker and easier.

So go ahead and enrol for free in our Xero Australia – Getting Started With Bank Accounts mini-course and take the first steps to getting your books in order.

Learning Outcomes

  • Bank Account Screens: take a tour of the bank account screens in Xero and find out where all the important functions can be found.
  • Set Up a Bank Account: learn how to set up everyday bank accounts for your business in Xero quickly and easily.
  • Set Up a PayPal Account: find out how to easily set up PaPal accounts in Xero.
  • Manual Imports: if you can’t use automatic bank feeds, you can manually import bank transactions with ease.
  • Automatic Bank Feeds: learn how to set up one of Xero’s most amazing features and save yourself many hours of work when reconciling your accounts.

By the end of this free mini-course, you should be able to confidently set up bank accounts in the Australian version of Xero.

What You Get

 30 minutes of videos
 8 lessons
Instant access
Lifetime subscription

Course Outline
  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Screens Tour
    • Screens Tour
  • Manage Bank Account Button
    • Manage Bank Account Button
  • Setting Up Bank Accounts
    • Setting Up Bank Accounts
  • Setting Up PayPal Accounts
    • Setting Up PayPal Accounts
  • Importing Bank Statements
    • Importing Bank Statements
  • Automatic Bank Feeds
    • Automatic Bank Feeds
  • Outro
    • Thank You
Mark Cunningham Mark Cunningham

I have been a company accountant for more than 20 years. I am now dedicated to empowering small business owners through my highly-rated and popular courses on Xero, bookkeeping and accounting.

Student Reviews

“Setting up PayPal accounts is easy when you know how. Thanks for showing me.”



“Very well explained. I want to learn about reconciling so I will sign up to your full course.“



“Another great free course. You certainly know your way around Xero!”



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